Our Churches

The word "church" in the New Testament never refers to a building or a place. It always refers to a people: either the total number of believers who have ever lived, or a local group of those believers.

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Ashville First BaptistAshvilleAlabama
Bethany Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Greensport Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Gum Springs Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
McEntyre Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Pine Forest Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Piney Grove Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Poplar Springs Baptist ChurchAshvilleAlabama
Coosa Valley Baptist ChurchCropwellAlabama
Mt. Pisgah Baptist ChurchCropwellAlabama
Cedar Grove Baptist ChurchLeedsAlabama
Happy Home Baptist ChurchLeedsAlabama
Markeeta Baptist ChurchLeedsAlabama
Taylors Baptist ChurchLeedsAlabama
Macedonia #1 Baptist ChurchMargaretAlabama
First Baptist Church of MoodyMoodyAlabama
Bethel Baptist ChurchOdenvilleAlabama
Calvary Baptist ChurchOdenvilleAlabama
First Baptist Church of OdenvilleOdenvilleAlabama
New Hope Baptist Church, ArgoOdenvilleAlabama
New Lebanon Baptist ChurchOdenvilleAlabama
North Valley ChurchOdenvilleAlabama
Son Rise Baptist ChurchOdenvilleAlabama
Arbor Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Cook Springs Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Cropwell Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Eden Westside Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Evening Star Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
First Baptist Church of Pell CityPell CityAlabama
Lister Memorial Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Mineral Springs Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Mt. Moriah Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Mt. Olive Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Mt. Pleasant Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
New Hope Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Northside FellowshipPell CityAlabama
Pleasant Valley Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Prescott Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Seddon Baptist ChurchPell CityAlabama
Fairview Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
First Baptist Church of RaglandRaglandAlabama
Macedonia #2 Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
New Prospect Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
Oak Grove #2 Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
Palestine Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
Providence Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
Refuge Baptist ChurchRaglandAlabama
Pleasant Grove Baptist ChurchRiversideAlabama
Riverside Baptist ChurchRiversideAlabama
Cool Springs Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
First Baptist Church of SpringvilleSpringvilleAlabama
Friendship Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
Oak Grove #1 Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
Pinedale Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
Red Hill Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
Spring Valley Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
St. Clair Springs Baptist ChurchSpringvilleAlabama
Chandler Mountain Baptist ChurchSteeleAlabama
Reeves Grove Baptist ChurchSteeleAlabama
Steele Baptist ChurchSteeleAlabama
Argo Baptist ChurchTrussvilleAlabama
Central Baptist ChurchTrussvilleAlabama
Corinth Baptist ChurchTrussvilleAlabama
New Beginnings FellowshipTrussvilleAlabama
Sulphur Springs Baptist ChurchTrussvilleAlabama
Broken Arrow Baptist ChurchWattsvilleAlabama