From Chris Crain, Director
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July 10, 2018, 12:05 PM

God is Blessing!

ear St. Clair Baptists,

I am amazed at what God has done through this Association! These past almost two years as Director of Missions provided an extraordinary challenge for me. New churches joined our Association, existing churches were strengthened, leaders developed new ministries, Disaster Relief volunteers shared the Gospel across the country, we sent mission teams to advance the Gospel here and across the globe, families were rescued through Pathways Counseling, Impact Campus Ministry grew at Jeff State College, and pastors formed life-giving relationships across the county.

Thank you for allowing me a front-row seat to the activity of God in encouraging, equipping, and engaging churches in Great Commission ministry! I am indebted to you and your church for the love, support, and prayers along the way.

The St. Clair Baptist Association—dollar for dollar—is the best value for investing in associational ministry I have witnessed. In fact, your Association spends less today to get the job done than two decades ago! Contrary to perception, the Association does not receive budget support from the Alabama Baptist State Convention, the Southern Baptist Convention, or the Cooperative Program. Our support comes from you—our member churches.

As your church evaluates supporting missions next year, please consider increasing your support for the St. Clair Baptist Association. Would your congregation pray about increasing gifts to the St. Clair Association budget by either a) adding fifteen percent to your 2018 gifts next year or, b) sending an additional one-half of a percent of your general budget receipts for 2019? Regardless, we will continue to be your faithful partner and serve you and your church in any way possible. We are grateful for any and all support given through our churches!

Receive a biblical education for $50 a class on Monday evenings in Pell City! The Ministry Training Institute is a great way for pastors, deacons, youth leaders, Bible study leaders, or ANYONE to earn a diploma with Samford University. I will join Rick Earnest at the Eden-Westside Campus this Fall to teach Baptist Doctrines; this excellent course covers most key doctrines of the Bible--Scriptures, Trinity, Salvation, Church, Last Things, etc. Rick will be teaching Biblical Interpretation--a great class to begin your program. Please enroll! Every Bible teacher in your church would be enriched--and they will get credit with Samford. Term is August 20-October 12 (6-9 PM on Mondays). Looking forward to seeing you!

I would be honored to come and share our vision with any of your church leaders. Also, we have designed a promotional insert about the Association; let us know if you would like copies of these inserts for your church. Please contact me at the office if I may serve you in any way at 205-594-5173 or

Prayer Requests
Please pray for the Haiti Mission Team from Eden-Westside Baptist Church and me. I am scheduled to go with Pastor Jacky Connell, Scotty Pinson, and others to assist in preaching an evangelistic crusade and teaching the Epistle to the Philippians to local church pastors. The trip departs on July 31.

Pray for the St. Clair Baptist Annual Meeting to be held at Bethel Baptist Church, Moody on Monday, October 29. NAMB Senior Director of Replanting Mark Clifton has been used by God all over North America. Pray for him as he comes to share his experiences with us on Sunday, October 28 at 4:00 PM at Mt. Pisgah and on October 29 at Bethel. Mark shared a few thoughts on his Podcast with Thom Rainer:

“An empty church is like an abandoned castle of a long-forgotten king.”

“Empty, dead churches rob God of His glory.”

“Church replants generally value the process of decision over the outcome of decision.”

“Churches don’t have to die. They are not without hope. They can live again through replanting.” 

“The remaining members in a dying church are not in the way of your ministry, they are your first step in your ministry.” 

“You know an idol is false when you’re afraid of losing it.”

“One characteristic of a dying church is an over-reliance on programs.”

With sincere gratitude,
Chris Crain, SCBA

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