From Chris Crain, Director
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May 31, 2018, 9:35 AM

Keep Your Chin Up!


Dear St. Clair Baptists,


The reports of moral missteps and impropriety among some SBC leaders captured headlines in several publications. Dr. Al Mohler, in his recent article “The Wrath of God Poured Out—The Humiliation of the SBC,” wrote:


“We thought this was a Roman Catholic problem. . . . When people said that Evangelicals had a similar crisis coming, it didn’t seem plausible — even to me. I have been president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for twenty-five years. I did not see this coming. I was wrong. The judgment of God has come.Judgment has now come to the house of the SBC. The terrible swift sword of public humiliation has come with a vengeance. There can be no doubt that this story is not over.”


I appreciate Dr. Mohlers’ frank assessment—especially from his vantagepoint as President of one of the six SBC seminaries.


I have one word for this aspect of the state of the SBC: mournful. In the past, I worked as senior pastor with more than twenty employees and several classrooms full of children in our church buildings each weekday. The rigors of assuring that no real or perceived improprieties took place wore on my mind. Truly, the cost and responsibility of leading and protecting the church is great! Church leaders, we must walk closely to the Lord, knowing that the grace of God that bought is the grace that will keep us!One of my mentors, a formidable man and battlefront chaplain during Vietnam, would say, “Chris, keep your chin up and your nose clean!” We must keep our “chins up” and keep a watchful eye on the flock, protecting those in our care. We must keep our “noses clean” and not bring shame or embarrassment to our Lord by mishandling the Gospel, failing to deal with inconvenient truths. Please pray that the mournful state in the SBC will end and a new era of Christlike humility and integrity will begin.


Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the upcoming Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas on June 12-13. My wife, Carol, and I will be messengers. Pray for the IMB, Executive Committee, and Southwestern Seminary as they seek leadership.
  • Pray for the pastors and leaders of the churches of the SCBA.
  • Pray for your SCBA mission team to Blackey, Kentucky on June 16-23. We will conduct two Vacation Bible Schools, work on several construction projects, worship with three churches, and feed 60 families. We kept the cost of this trip low for participants. Please consider making a special financial donation to help us. Send your gift to SCBA; PO Box 160; Ashville, AL 35953.
  • Pray for the new charity medical clinic opening in Pell City for residents of St. Clair County.
  • Pray for the church revitalization events during our SCBA Annual Meeting with Mark Clifton on October 28-29 in the St. Clair Baptist Association.
  • Pray for our Impact students as they travel home from Austria.


I appreciate the honor of serving you.




Chris Crain, SCBA



“HEALTH NOTE” from Your Friends at Easter Seals Community Health Clinic, Inc.—Pell City

According to recent studies, walking briskly can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as much as running. All three of these conditions are risk factors for heart disease and stroke — and you can do something about them. So set a reachable goal just for today. Then you can work toward an overall goal of walking 30 minutes a day by increasing your time as you get in better shape. Walk the dog, use the stairs instead of the elevator, investigate a new park in your community. Just get started . . . you WILL notice a difference!


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