From Chris Crain, Director
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December 4, 2017, 1:21 PM

December 2017--Thank You!

Dear St. Clair Baptists,

I am praying for your church as you prepare for one of the busiest times in the church year. May your community be introduced to the redeeming grace of God through your faithful preaching this Christmas season! The St. Clair Baptist Association is active sharing the message of the incarnate God and Savior, Christ our Lord! Please consider giving a special end-of-year donation to the St. Clair Baptist Association; we are faithful stewards of your Great Commission gifts! Send your gifts to our office or give at

Church Security
At the request of several churches, we will offer the St. Clair Baptist Association Security Summit on Sunday, January 21, 2018—2:00 PM to 5:00 PM at First Baptist Church, Ashville. Dr. Mark Wakefield will be facilitating this vital training. Mark’s background in local church leadership, law enforcement, and denominational work make him uniquely qualified to help us in developing plans for safer church campuses. Consider bringing your staff, security/user team, greeters, deacons, and other relevant leaders. This event is free. However, we ask that you RSVP for your church so that we provide adequate materials. Call our office or send an email to to let us know of your attendance.

The St. Clair Association offers on-site security training for your church. I provide customized training for your church in “Basic Church Security.” I offer two 45 minute segments. The first segment deals with Family Ministry Security: Keeping Children Safe. The second segment is Security Threat Training that includes information from FEMA. Contact me to set up a training with your preschool/children’s leadership, staff, greeters, or entire church.

Ministers/Ministers and Families Events
Ministers and staff, please put these two events on your calendar: First Baptist Church of Springville is hosting the Ministers Lunch on January 11 at 11:00 AM. Brad Smith, Pastor of Spring Valley Church, will speak. On February 16 at 7:00 PM, Northside Fellowship of Pell City will host a Dessert Fellowship for St. Clair Baptist Ministers Families; this will be a great time for our families to connect!

Missions Opportunities
I endeavor to connect our churches to missions opportunities beyond the walls of the church building. 
1. Pray for, support, and be open to visiting Croatia! We have IMB missionaries there that I am connected to who are faithful with the Gospel in a difficult setting.
2. Join St. Clair Association Raceway Ministries. We have Gospel conversations and provide ministry to fans at one of the largest cities in Alabama (twice per year)—Talladega Superspeedway!
3. Minister through one of the organizations on our St. Clair County Service Ministries Master List. Go to and select Info Center. Call or email our office for a password. You will find one of the most comprehensive directories of ministries available in our county.
4. Please consider going with us to Kentucky the week of Fathers Day, June 17-23.
5. Get trained in St. Clair County Disaster Relief or English as Second Language.
6. I can provide missions service project information for Men’s Ministry groups and other segments of your church.
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, email me at

Thank you for your kindness to me! I am so appreciative of the special Christmas gift you gave to our family. I did not deserve your generosity! I am honored to be your partner in the Gospel! Thank you for keeping me busy in the work of the Lord. I am continuing to preach and share about the St. Clair Baptist Association almost every Sunday! In the next few weeks I will begin teaching First Peter in Winter/January Bible Studies around the county. Pray for me! I am here to serve you!

Sincerely in Jesus Christ,
Chris Crain, SCBA

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