St. Clair Heritage & History

We are indebted to Joe Whitten, Deacon at First Baptist Church, Springville, Alabama for these historical articles. 

"Sion Blythe and the Organization of FBC Springville" - Joe Whitten

"Early Pastors of FBC Springville" - Joe Whitten

"Shadow of the Almighty" Selections from SCBA Church History - Joe Whitten

"Some Historical Events in today’s St. Clair Co., Alabama, prior to the establishing of the First Baptist Church of St. Clair County (Springville) in March 1817" - Joe Whitten 

Below is a letter addressed to the First Baptist Church of Springville from pioneer mission to Africa, Rev. W.H. Carson. Carson served as pastor of First Baptist Church, Springville. He was among many faithful pastors serving in St. Clair County.

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The Faulkners (FBC Springville)

The Kinnisons (FBC Springville)