Ordination in a SBC Church

For a basic understanding of the ordination process, go here.


Ten Practical Ministerial Ordination Questions/Case Studies Related to Family (Church Field)
 Chris Crain
1. How will you reflect the character of Christ when an influential church member says something rude to your wife or children?
2. How would you respond if you are called for an “important meeting” with church leadership during your family vacation?
3. Who will you marry in a Christian ceremony and why?
4. How will you seek to help your spouse adjust to a new church field? What if your spouse is simultaneously adjusting to a new job?
5. What is your approach to dealing with personal financial hardship? What steps would you take in a financial crisis? 
6. Tell us about discipleship in the minister’s family. Who encourages you and your spouse? How do you seek wisdom and accountability?
7. What subjects would be off-limits for discussion with “church friends.” Why?
8. Long-time church friends leave for another church “with a better children’s ministry.” How do you respond in the church? At home? How could you help your children during this transition?
9. How might you communicate a church move to your family (children, extended family)?
10. Your parents become seriously ill. You serve in another city or country. How do you “honor your mother or father?”