Process for Searching for a Ministry Staff Member

Steps to Calling a Ministry Staff Person to a Church (Classic Process) --Feel free to use this process; above all, pray and seek God! Call me if I can help you.

1. The Interim Period: Treading Water vs. Moving Forward—Decide what needs to be accomplished to make things easier on your new minister when they arrive; get those things done before the minister arrives.

2. Organization and Individual Roles of the Task Force Members—Who is going to do what on the team?

3. Code of Ethics, Communication Protocol for the Task Force and Expenses for the Search—What will you hold in confidence? What will you share with the church as a whole?

4. Completing a Job Description for the Position—A sample is available.

5. Developing a Profile for the Candidate—Decide what kind of candidate would suit the needs of the church. Do we need to survey the congregation? What else would help the candidate and the church strike a match?

6. Getting the Word Out—Where will you advertise the position? (The best resumes are sought not simply sent.)

7. Sorting Resumes—How will this get done?

8. Checking References—Check three deep on the resume. Ask the person on the reference list to give you some additional people to contact.

9. Interviewing Preparation for the Task Force: What Are We Looking For in the Candidate?

10. Vetting the Candidate: Credit, Background, Community Reputation, Spouse and Family

11. Finalizing Human Resources Issues and Pay—What is fair? What can the church afford? What number of hours do we expect?

12. Meeting and Visiting Candidates—Do we need to be discrete? 

13. Preparing the Church for the Candidate—How will we introduce the candidate to the church? What do the bylaws say about calling a candidate? Do we need to prepare a letter/profile and present to the church with a schedule for introducing the candidate? 

14. Voting: Making it Official—What percent vote does the church need? What percent vote does the candidate need?

15. Welcoming the New Staff Member—How will we welcome the staff member and help establish a great relational foundation?

16. Orientation for the New Staff Member and the Staff—How will we assimilate the new person into the leadership of the church?

17. Following Up and Checking-In—What is the plan for the first year? How can we help the new staff person and family get adjusted to the culture of the church?