Scholarship Information

On this page, you will find information about two scholarship opportunities:

1. The 2021 St. Clair Ministerial Fund Scholarship:


  1. Applicant is a resident of the state of Alabama.
  2. Applicant is to be a member in good standing of a Baptist Church cooperating with the Association and Baptist State Convention. Seminary applicant is to be a member of a Baptist Church cooperating with the Southern Baptist Convention.
  3. Student must be a a Vocational Ministerial student and classified as a full-time student according to the school’s current catalog.
  4. The STCBA awards scholarships on an annual basis. All students must reapply each year.


    First Time Applicant:

  1. Completed signed application for scholarship
  2. A recent photo
  3. Letter of recommendation form the pastor of your home church.
  4. An interview with the STCBA will be arranged by the Associational Mission Strategist

    Previous Applicant:

  1. Completed application for scholarship
  2. A copy of your grades of the last semester of completed work


Completed application and all additional attachments must be postmarked no later than March 31st. Any applications and attachments received after March 31st will not be considered.

Please Click Here to download the application and requirements for this scholarship.


2. 2021 Baptist Foundation of Alabama Scholarships:

Please go to for information and applications for Foundation scholarship opportunities for students.